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Word Crush answers Word Crush is a new game developed by TangramGames, released on January 2019 and looks very addictive. Tetris-like manner and you are supposed to find words in the letters. When you find a word, the letters all get destroyed. The goal is to destroy all the letters on the screen by finding all the words. In these game admirers of word games are able to find everything they could ask. It offers pleasant backgrounds, new and interesting words, challenging levels and a totally different adventure! The game is highly played and preferred among millions of players all over the world. Download this game to your smartphone and explode your brain. Since Word Crush has more than 13000 levels, we have categorised the levels for easier access. You may go from level to level as you progress.
Answers updated: 05/06/2023

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How To play Crostic Crossword?

Start with Short Words:
Begin by looking for short, common words in the grid. These are often easier to spot and can help you clear out some letters, creating space for longer words.
Don't ignore two-letter words like "at," "it," "is," and "to." They can be helpful in connecting larger words.

Look for Patterns:
Scan the grid for patterns or clusters of letters. Sometimes, words are hidden in diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines. Try to spot these patterns and connect the letters accordingly.
Look for prefixes and suffixes. If you see a common prefix like "un-" or a common suffix like "-ing," it can lead you to longer words.

Prioritize Longer Words:
Longer words usually give you more points and help clear the board faster. Try to identify longer words first, and then work your way down to shorter ones.
If you spot a lengthy word but can't immediately connect all the letters, start with the letters you can connect and work towards the rest.

Utilize Hints Sparingly:
In Word Crush, you typically have a limited number of hints available. Use them strategically when you're stuck and can't find any more words. Save them for challenging levels.
Remember that hints are finite, so try to improve your word-finding skills over time to rely on them less.
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